Me + my baby dulcimer :)

What a difference two years make

😌😌😌 (at Caffe Strada Berkeley)


Won our first “race” today :o) ⚓️ (at Berkeley Marina)

To the sea (at King Range Wilderness)

We ❤️ #warbyparker

I need more cairns in my life

L O L (at Cal Sailing Club)

Shall I compare thee to a summer veggie medley?

Brunch at my favouritest place with my favouritest person :) (at La Note Restaurant)

I’ll tell you one thing we’re better together ❤️ (at Greek Theatre-University Of California, Berkeley)

The lost boys on the lost coast… ❤️ (at Lost Coast Trail, CA)

We’re going on an adventure! 🚘⛺️😛

The last meal (at Ramen HALU)